First stage of ISO14001 certification complete tonnes more to do 46198

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Trouble: Moderately Simple Instructions. certification.

1 Visit the TABC internet site or call the TABC at 512-206-3420.

2 Click "Get a Copy of My TABC Certificate," located on the correct-palm side of the TABC website's homepage. When the page plenty, you will find directions for any certificate inquiry. This is now the preferred way to secure a duplicate of your certificate.

3 Click the "Certificate Inquiry" link on the current page. When the subsequent page appears, click the "Certificate Inquiry" link again.

4 Get into your social security quantity with no dashes into the type on the following page. Furthermore enter your birth date through a 2-digit month, two-digit day and 4-digit year.

5 Click the "Seek out" button. When the seek results appear, click the "Print" button to print any current duplicate of your certificate.