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Caprice, the Fantastic Flying Scape-Goat for Azazel

Midwifing the Epiphany Since The Dawn of Consciousness


Caprice the Flying Scape-Goat is an iconic character who rises up whenever there is a pathological instance of the hoary Scapegoat Drama underway in these melodramas.

Caprice will take the hit and die as many times as it takes, until humans tire of reprising the unbecoming and dispiriting practice of rerunning the ungodly scapegoat drama.

In the annals of Hero-Goat Dramas, Caprice is not a SuperHero.

No mes frères et mes amis. Caprice is a SuperGoat.

Biographical Sketch[edit]

Caprice means "fantastic goat leap" — a reference to an apocryphal story associated with an ancient ritual of expiation.

Caprice has a theme song, written by Pat Humphries.