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Files have been added to this category using the {{NowCommons}} template and may now be available on Wikimedia Commons.

Custodians: These files can be safely deleted, but before deletion, please check that:

  1. the Commons file actually exists and is a duplicate by looking at the File usage section of the file page (alternatively use the Duplicate Search tool, linked via the more details link).
  2. the Commons file has the correct source and copyright information (bot and script-assisted transfers sometimes mangle information; please correct any errors manually); use the File Upload History tool to regenerate the license text, if necessary.
  3. the file names are the same (if not, replace/redirect all file links).
  4. the file was properly transferred (preserving GFDL-required history of revisions) to Commons instead of being uploaded separately.
Please don't delete files that
  • are not freely-licensed or in the Public Domain; Commons can only host files that are freely licensed by the copyright holder or are in the public domain (PD) in both the US and the source country (usually 70 years after the death of the author or 70 years after publication if the author is unknown).
  • have a fair use claim; if the claim is correct the file should not have been transferred to Commons.
  • have more than one author and the versions are significantly different.
  • have uncertain or disputed source and/or license.
  • are protected from editing, especially those currently in use on the Main Page.

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