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Walcom tae the Esperantocoorse at Wikiversitie.


Esperanto is ae craeftit leid that wis published in 1887 bi L. L. Zamenhof, wha ettled fer it tae become the main leid o choiss whan twa spaekers o differt mither toungs haed tae communicaet. Awthoo Zamenhof's ambeetious ettle haesna yet com aboot, Esperanto is awreadie the maist feckfu craeftit leid existin the nou. It is a hael lot easier fer tae learn than onie ordinair naitional leid an learnin it halps in learnin inther leids. The ettle o this coorse is tae wauk the learner fae the basics throu aw o the easie tae miss featurs o the leid.


SYawning.svg Completion status: Been started, but most of the work is still to be done.
16 Graimmar Rules
Ruit chairt
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  • Lesson 1 Progress-0000.svg 0% — Pronoonceeation, pairts o spaech, baseecs o noons, ariticle, twa-three personal pronoons, praisent tense
  • Lesson 2 Progress-0000.svg 0% — Pronoonceeation (repaetin), baseecs o adjecteevs, baseecs o verbs, personal pronoons, introduicin to affeexes (mal-)
  • Lesson 3 Progress-0000.svg 0% — Adverbs, ĉu, the suffeexes -n, -ulo an -ino, coontin
  • Lesson 4 Progress-0000.svg 0% — Baseec derivation
  • Lesson 5 Progress-0000.svg 0% — Imperatives, introduicin correlateeves
  • Lesson 6 Progress-0000.svg 0% — Derivation wi preposeetions; Theme: Steids (incl. -ejo an -ujo), directions, an muivment (incl. dis-)
  • Lesson 7 Progress-0000.svg 0% — Theme: Faimilie (incl. bo-, ge-, pra-, vic-, an eks-)
  • Lesson 8 Progress-0000.svg 0% — Derivation uisin nummers
  • Lesson 9 Progress-0000.svg 0% — Advanced derivation; Theme: Time
  • Lesson 10 Progress-0000.svg 0% — Theme: Food
  • Lesson 11 Progress-0000.svg 0% — Theme: Hame
  • Lesson 12 Progress-0000.svg 0% — Theme: The bodie
  • Lesson 13 Progress-0000.svg 0% — Theme: The histerie o Esperanto
  • Lesson 14 Progress-0000.svg 0% — Theme: Commuinicatin
  • Lesson 15 Progress-0000.svg 0% — Theme: Wather an geograephie
  • Lesson 16 Progress-0000.svg 0% — Theme: Work an occupations?


  • 20 Juin, 2017 — This page wis first craefit.