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Vicente Novegil

The first class in the course (22nd of September 2008) is about introducing the subject.

I begin with introducing myself and a brief description of the subject as we can see at this a short powerpoint.

Here we have an evidence of whole first class: Practica 1.1.

Every computer class has a guide or schedule like this. They are accessible in the forefront of the LMS once the student has accessed into the virtual subject.

As wee can see the goals to achieve for my students are:

  • To know some fundamental aspects about the subject “Estatística Administrativa”
  • To learn the use of basic tools into the LMS Claroline: forum, groups, documents, calendar and board.


It is 22nd of September the first class begins at 16:00. I introduce myself to the students.

All the students enter into de LMS Claroline using their predefined: user and password.