Narrativestory design 3

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Group-work tasks: fill in the empty parts as group


  • Maris
  • Charly
  • Thomas
  • Mouhamad

What is a supportive tool landscape for writing hybrid narratives?[edit]

  • What tools are in use in your team? Does the tool-use change during the experiment and why?

We used:
- Camera and mobilephone
- Software tools: Brightkite, Wordpress, Facebook and Flickr
- We didn't use twitter

  • Illustrate the information flow at your hybrid narrative ecosystem.

- We took pictures, uploaded them, shared, made descriptions

  • What are the the needed technical improvements to develop a well-functioning hybrid narrative ecosystem?

- Cross-platform tag support with picture tag abilty as in Facebook.
- Possibility to use a favorite tools to mashup

In this experiment we will use a joint blog for the narrative, and various individual tools. It is important to add tags to your posts in the joint blog to filter certain narratives, or certain collaborative narratives, or certain group activities. Every person can use individual tools the way he/she feels the most appropriate. Document the problem issues and ideas for improvement! - Technical problem difficulties inter-connecting all platform (Brightkite, Flickr, Twitter and Wordpress) failing uploading photos on wordpress using the blogging feature on flickr failling uploading photos by using wordpress directly

Narrative ecologic problem Didn't understand at first the point of using so many websites - for the mashup, we think that the result would be as great it was right now only by using Facebook and Wordpress. As we understood there are'nt so many users in BrightKite - at least in Tallinn where we are at the moment. The positive thing is that now we know that BrightKite exists :)

Confusing thing was also the theme - we didn't understand if we have to use a certain theme of taking pictures inside of our group or not. But everything went clear in few days when we started to work individually - now we can see the themes that we had and to relate the different point of views.

How do the topics of individual and collaborative narratives emerge?[edit]

megagol charlix manevar

  • What narratives you would like to write?

Discuss: a) if you need to define joint topics, or b) if the joint topics will emerge in the course of action.

Guiding questions... Why do you want to bring out these elements? We all concentrated on certain

What can be described and what can not be described about the place? What comes from your own life into the narrative? What can a photo tell about ...? Why people choose or dont choose places. What is the difference between a narrative and documentation? How and why some places change and evolve?


  • In this experiment you can freely choose any locations in the world.
  • Document your locations using the map functions (eg. Flickr map, Google map)