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Group-work tasks: fill in the empty parts as group


  • John Fuller (TLU)
  • Bruno Du Moulin De La Breteche (ITIN)
  • Mehdi Younous (ITIN)
  • Christophe Marquand (ITIN)
  • Patrick Martin (Erasmus)

What is a supportive tool landscape for writing hybrid narratives?[edit]

  • What tools are in use in your team? Does the tool-use change during the experiment and why?

Nowadays a lot a people use to be on social network daily, they like to share their lifes habits. To do this activities we have to use the same ways.
By trying to be closer to their way of thinking, we will actively try all theses social networks. To work we're going to use social networks like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Brightkite, Zannel, Wordpress.

  • Illustrate the information flow at your hybrid narrative ecosystem.

  • What are the the needed technical improvements to develop a well-functioning hybrid narrative ecosystem?

In this experiment we will use a joint blog for the narrative, and various individual tools. It is important to add tags to your posts in the joint blog to filter certain narratives, or certain collaborative narratives, or certain group activities. Every person can use individual tools the way he/she feels the most appropriate. Document the problem issues and ideas for improvement!

How do the topics of individual and collaborative narratives emerge?[edit]

We choose the advertising topic because nowadays it is a part of our landscape.
Even if you do not take any interest in advertising, you are still influenced by advertisements.
They are all different, even for the same product.

We do not actually have a main theme, our work it is about general advertising.
Everybody is free to take the one that he like the most in order to have a representative view of the ads in the city.
We have all in memory different ads that we like, such as a painting or a sculpture... It is an easy subject to follow as far as we are all concerned by the advertisement world.
We prefered not to put information about us because has we said "internet never forget" and even if it is a professional work we do not enjoy that everybody can actually and randomly know a part of our life just by googling our name.

So, in that case it was more a work of documentation than narrative. We do not tell story about ads but intend by suggesting them as a list, to get people involved and making thought them they own path, they own story.


  • In this experiment you can freely choose any locations in the world.
  • Document your locations using the map functions (eg. Flickr map, Google map)


What are your objectives?[edit]

To make this project a successful one, we have to make an interaction or a sort of connexion between the different people who share something on the blog.

That mean the problematic of this project is like :

  • How to construct a story with each people own story ?
  • To answer that question, what we could say is that when we began this experience we were both taking picture of quietly the same things, that means we were attractive by the same themes. So like that, the first connexion was made.
  • What are the similitude between each experiences ?

When we will have an answer to all that questions, we will be able to have a conclusion about this big question :

  • What's the real goal of sharing things on social networks ?

What is your theory?[edit]

From the theoretical materials and from Internet, you have to find some guiding theories that might explain what happens in hybrid ecologies and what helps to explain your questions.

For example: - surveillance issues - hybrid place issues etc.

  • In the end of the experiment, in the report you must compare the known theory with your own findings. Did you discover something new?

That experiment was very interesting, i have the chance to be able to think about different points :

- Sharing : It's really nice to share pictures during our trip. Friends can see what do you feel, what is nice to see there, etc. Sometimes, when friends saw that, they want to do the trip you made. That was the case for one of our friend on the latest week-end. He comes in Tallinn for 3 days and it was an awesome week end!

- Surveillance : But sharing can be dangereous. You reveal a lot of things about you, your life, your friend and your familly. It was the case for an internet user. Somemone (the tiger) took a random person and he wrote his life. After that he sent him a mail with these starting words : "Hi Marc, you don't know me but i know you and i would like to say : Happy birthday..." the link (in french) : Marc L. | Translated link with google : Marc L. Translate

Information can be used against you when you want to apply for a job. The firm is looking for information about you and use it to take a decisions about your employement or if you are fired : french link : Fired because she gone to facebook | Tranlated link : Translate Link

- Marketing : You can use these information in order to reveal the best part of you. It's the case for famous or political people. They need to have a good apparence.