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Numeripoints kinematics

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In mathematics, anything that can find the right algebraic form. Through our senses perceive the physical world, things are divided into two categories by cognitive measurement, thing-in-itself and thing-for-us. In general people analyse that something is right or wrong and use their rational to judge it, but in fact it always exists the possibility of miscalculation. The rational judgment has nothing to do with the truth, it is only relative to the known knowledge. In physical laws of infinite analysis and random distribution, all the substance is that an integral whole in different changes, corresponding to the algebraic forms. After the cognitive measurement of one matter, we have a mapping of infinite changes to limited information.

Limited information is on our side, about details of thing-for-us. Infinite changes are on the other side, just about our unknown, there is no details of thing-in-itself, and believe it or not, the unknown is often scarier than the known cognitive world.


A numeripoint, this definition makes numbers and points together to be a new organic unity. It can be used to describe the corresponding relationship between cognition and substance. Relative to the numbers, points which the shape of an object was gradually subdivided into is a special kind of algebraic form.

There are two ways in the coexistence of numbers and points. To combine these two into a numeripoint, it will be used to construct the material structure. To separate the two and form mapping corresponding operations, each other will be used to construct concept definitions. Can a point be an algebraic form, it refers to the one that was randomly selected from different material structures and concept definitions.

File:20120809Cheesefoot-Head(1) nr-Winchester Hampshire.jpg
Abstract algebra form of material structures
File:Stonehenge nr-Amesbury Wiltshire.jpg
Abstract algebra form of concept definitions

Complex arithmetic (the n-th power, multiply, add) corresponding to the relevant physical semantic meaning, complex exponential product: = wave functions, complex multiplication: = rotational motion, complex addition: = translational motion. It's the migration path of vacuum materialized, using a semantic meaning time-to-space conversion on itself, projected onto the wave-particle duality in the physical measurement. These numeripoint mappings form multiple axiom systems in the physical world of hierarchical structure. Numeripoints express calculation principle in arithmetical operation cycle, not in physical complex arithmetic which should be seen as different types of movement in the sequence of patterning structure.


Forming the sequence of patterning structure, and then the spacetime comes out of nothing.

Systematic methodology[edit]

Quadrilogy is here to be an encyclopedia of natural science, numeripoints will be out of work except for this scope of activities. The material structure remains the same in others, others are all man-made rules and tools, and any changes only occur in consciousness.

Since the day when people benefitted from the use of rational judgment, in pursuit of the interests of the biological instinct we are interested in constantly improving cognitive world, driven by making better use of consciousness, to influence the behavior of human beings and the scope of human activities.

To understand the complicated reality of our world, we must grasp the abstract expression. On the one hand, people use a variety of tools for production, and complete the production purposes. Technology becomes the key to human activities, it is a communication bridge between us and the knowledge of things. On the other hand, people use a variety of rules for interpersonal communication, and complete the communication purposes. Sociology becomes the key to human behaviors, it is a communication bridge between persons. The interactive of technology and sociology forms a unity named systematic methodology.