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Film Scoring Introduction Lessons for Filmmakers
ਜਾਣ-ਪਛਾਣ: Basic theory of film scoring Crystal Clear action info.svg
ਸਬਕ #1: Sound of Fear - Individual notes Crystal Clear app knotify.png
ਸਬਕ #2: Sound of Joy - Rhythm Gnome-fs-blockdev.svg
ਸਬਕ #3: Sound of Drama - Melody Nuvola apps kcmmidi.svg
ਸਬਕ #4: Butchering MIDI files - MIDI Gartoon actions options.svg
ਸਬਕ #5: Adjusting the film edit - dialog for music Gartoon actions options.svg
ਅਭਿਆਸ: Film scoring exercises - real scenes Crystal128-tv.svg