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Template:Main welcome

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Please help
Please help

This page was created, but no useful content has been added. Everyone is invited to help add educational content to Wikiversity. If you need help learning how to add content, see the editing tutorial.

In may cases, this template can be used in place of Template:Delete. Assume Good Faith from new editors. If you find a page that has no useful content, but it could become a useful page, blank the page and add this template.

This template is for use on blank pages, see: Wikiversity:Welcome templates
Note: when you use this template, if the page was created by a registered user, please include the username of the creator of the page as an argument of the template. If the page was created by someone editing from an IP address (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx), provide the IP address, e.g. :

{{Main welcome|guillom}}


{{Main welcome|xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx}}

This will place the "blank" page in Category:Empty pages.

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