The Natural Republic of Astro-dust

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Due to human use a language in order to draw on advantages and avoid disadvantages, this is a biological instinct, can not be changed to discover the truth. We must think again and let human language correctly reflect the laws of nature, rather than continue to emphasize the greatness of mankind ourself. Actually the existence of all things are by physics laws. Under the action of unknown factors, interpersonal loose organization forms many diffrent primitive societies, the reason is that they are built through interpersonal communication in a random state. After that, people use rational judgment to confirm the analysis of that something is right or wrong, constructing more progressive social structure, and gradually form a certain cultural rules of state system. One good state system must be an axiom system in the physical world of hierarchical structure. Intelligent creatures constructed state systems in the spacetime, there might be the relevant theory of their evolution.

Freedom in my dream named "The Natural Republic of Astro-dust(得道者之榑桑國)"

State Structure[edit]

Generally, a simple state in different system environments, corresponding to the suitable one. What is the formation of system environments? it's a unified social form under different productivities, code of ethics in the process of interpersonal communication described as its details.