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Proposed topics[edit]

author: Kevin J. Lang, Yahoo! Research Silicon Valley, Yahoo! Research]

  • (done)Agent-based social simulation
    • Rob Axtell (Brookings, acum la George Mason): o introducere in domeniu, cu exemple pe Sugarscape.
    • Ed MacKerrow (Los Alamos): o simulare multiagent a structurii tribale in Afganistan.
  • (done)Taming Effects with Functional Programming
  • Google Techtalk: C++ Mocks made easy: An introduction to gMock.
  • George Verghese (UCSD): Streaming Algorithms for Traffic Analysis at High Speeds (prezentare la MSRI).
  • Mechanism Design - How to Implement Social Goals - Eric Maskin, Institute for Advanced Study, May 2, 2008