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Regarding official information about myself, please look here: Jean-Pol Martin, and here: Learning by teaching

My current international projects[edit]

Constructing knowledge with young people in Africa[edit]

Here: Africa

The students-network (IPK-module)[edit]

Within the university I'm offering a module able to be inclueded in every program of studies regardless of the grade, the subject and the students nationality. The students obtains 5 credit points (130 work-houres).
The frame is following:

  • 1. Participants: currently the module is conceived for students but it could be adapted to every sort of participants.
  • 2. Communication: virtualy (depending from participants-location its possible to organize meetings)
  • 3. Duration: about 6 months with an amount of 130 work-houres.
  • 4. Tasks:

- Chosing a country where the projects were carried out
- Building students-groups (bi- or trinational) about 10 persons each group
- Chosing a topic for the research (free and depending from the subjects that students are studying)
- Setting up a desing for the research (agenda)
- Setting up a homepage in order to present the research-steps and the research results at the end of the projects
- Planing a journey in the target-country
- Carrying out the journey
- Presenting the results at the end of the project

  • 5. In case of success, the participants get a certificate (5 credits).

Searching for and finding IPK-students in[edit]

Germany, New York, Japan, Kasan (Russian), Bahr Dahr, Addis Abeba (Ethiopian), Sofia (Bulgarian), Istanbul.
Here my blog: