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U7A means the United States of America. The land of freedom. <br\> Hi, my name is Alexander Kalinins (or somebody uses Kalinin) Lazarewicz. Originally from Latvia and i have two citizenships but still cannot get a latvian passport. As for patriots of a bornland it is seriously. I have close connections with Germans and at the moment stay in Russia. Also i have other ideas that was not posted here but know who knows it from me. Just waiting to see any hint what it is on the market after ill post it on the board.

   * banking machine with german accent (11.2007)
   * new age of retail trade with finnish accent (06.2008)
   * with a satellite radar, they can locate a lost car with russian accent (2001-2002 y.)?

iq+imagination is a nice mix! <br\> Here are the links of the pages that was created by me:

   * WiFi universal card (2004 year)‎
   * New diplomacy (short version) 2004 year
   * Stimulation package‎ (2005 year)‎
   * Flexible retailing (2004 year)‎‎
   * User:U7a/Who wants to know another people's minds (2004 year)
   * Wire free satellite navigation for a car ‎(1994 y.)
   * Cash registrator‎ (2002-2003 year)‎
   * New keys‎ (2004 year)‎

do you believe what by your mobile, they can locate you (2004 y)? it was in 2001 year when i was getting a messages on my Ericsson from GSM service what iam in another area of city. it was easy to develope to locate more strictly. <br\><br\> or as an alternative to a WiFi ID you can use your mobile to pay, to identify yourself, to use as a key and etc?? Slim mobile which gives controls of all functions of life. also a mobile phone takes control functions, they can hear you what you talk even if you are off the line. they can locate you. they can read and hear your messages.

U7a, Alexander Kalinins Lazars son, 8street 17, Sablino, Saint-Petersburg, Russia 00:13, 24 October 2009 (UTC) Chernjahovskogo street 16, 71, Saint-Petersburg, Russia