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<translate> Thank you for [[<tvar|reg>Special:MyLanguage/wikiversity:register</>|register]]ing, and Welcome to [[<tvar|wv>Special:MyLanguage/Wikiversity</>|Wikiversity]]! </translate> <translate>

  • Wikiversity beta is a hub for general [[<tvar|multi>Special:MyLanguage/wikiversity:multilingual</>|multilingual]] discussions of Wikiversity [[<tvar|policy>Special:MyLanguage/wikiversity:policies</>|policies]] and other [[<tvar|cat>:category:wikiversity</>|issues]]. It is also an [[<tvar|incubator>:Category:wikiversity incubator</>|incubator]] for new Wikiversity projects in various [[<tvar|lang>:category:pages by language</>|languages]].

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  • [[<tvar|babel>Special:MyLanguage/Wikiversity:Babel</>|Babel]] is our multilingual forum for general discussions and announcements.

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  • If you are new to Wiki, [[<tvar|help>Special:MyLanguage/help:basic editing</>|here]] is the bare minimum for editing in wiki.

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  • If you are running a course with Wikiversity, consider creating a participant list like [[<tvar|participants>Special:MyLanguage/Narrative_ecologies/Participants</>|Narrative_ecologies/Participants]]. As your material grows, you may want to elect a [[<tvar|custodian>Special:MyLanguage/wikiversity:custodian</>|custodian]] to help maintain the pages for the group.

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