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Hi Eve, just I am beginnig to work. Until now I was so busy!!! Let's start.

First of all congratulations for your contributions. I would like to give some feedback about it. For me, e-portfolios and PLEs are not the same thing.

So, why don't we try to write similarities and differences?

An e-portfolio has an organized procedure to construct it: Collect > Relect > Design > Publish This comes from an standard in constructing e-portfolios

A PLE has not any organization to construct it because as far as I understand a PLE is mainly a group of tools for the student to personalize his/her learning.

As an example ELGG+Moodle may constitute a PLE but it is not an e-portfolio. A PLE may facilitate to construct an e-portfolio.

What more differences can we observe?

Soon I will write my e-portfolio of my learning and so you will be able to give some feedback too. But I am still with classes this week and then I finish it.

My best wishes

Thank you, Vicente!

We can also focus on the social nature of e-portfolio, which means that reflection and feedback are important collaborative processes. The peer-evaluation becomes an important factor for the individual learner's progress. Collaboration means that the one content have multiple authors. See my reflection on Collaborative Learning.