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Be aware that this is only a proposal for discussion. It isn't yet a policy, neither a guideline.

The proposal[edit]

Language learning groups of an intermediate and advanced level should be created in the Wikiversity language domain of the language they are learning.

That means, for example, that all learners of English with a certain knowledge of the language should participate in learning groups created at the english Wikiversity.

Pros from a pedagogical perspective[edit]

  • The students at such levels (intermediate and advanced) should make the effort of language immersion into the language they are learning. That is a fundamental step in the process of language learning for several reasons:
    • Until now, they have adquired enough grammatical knowledge and vocabulary to build short texts, but they still lack the habit of using the language they are learning.
    • Immersed in the learning language, they are forced to write in that language because they will interact with users who don’t talk their mother tongue.
    • The students get fluency on writing and reading conversations and loose the fear to use their new language.
    • Besides, it will be easier to get adviced by native speakers about the common mistakes committed by the language learner.

Pros from an organizational perspective[edit]

  • The formation of language learning groups will be much more efficient. Especially learners in minoritarian languages will have it much easier to build a group of students with whom they can interact.
  • Contact between users of different Wikiversity language domains would take place, thus the sense of community increases and they could learn of other wikiversity experiences.
  • Wikiversities with low activity could get new members.


  • There may be multilingual language learning projects where the goal is not a definite and unique language. For example, intercomprehension between connected languages. In such cases, I would propose that multilingual learning experiences are developed in beta.wikiversity. Its multilingual environment would be ideal for such a project.
  • Some languages do not, and may not ever, have a Wikiversity. For these languages, some other method of language learning would be absolutely necessary.
  • Teachers would have to be able to deal with students who do not speak the language of instruction, and my get frustrated or confused more easily.

--Javier Carro 21:44, 19 September 2006 (UTC)