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This page contains announcements about Wikiversity Beta and separate projects. See also Meta Goings-on.

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The Chinese Wikiversity is now open.

August 2017

The Hindi Wikiversity is now open

July 2017

Crystal128-filetypes.svg4 : meta discussion about moving betawikiversity to Incubator (v3) asks what improvements Incubator would need to be effective

June 2017

Language Committee has changed status of Hindi Wikiversity from Eligible to Approving.

Mert 2017

Extension translate saz biyo!

The Extension translate installed!


poll until March 31: What to do with this proposal? (on: proposal below for moving to Incubator)

January 2016

Request for a repeat of the two announcements below, noting that this could possibly happen / specific implementation is being discussed.

September 2014

Crystal128-filetypes.svg23 : voice your opinion about moving betawikiversity away to Incubator (v2)

June 2013

Crystal128-filetypes.svg25 : voice your opinion about moving betawikiversity away to Incubator


Crystal128-filetypes.svg6 : The Korean Wikiversity is now open.

March 2012

Crystal128-filetypes.svg27 : The Slovene Wikiversity is now open.

July 2011

Crystal128-filetypes.svg12 : The Arabic Wikiversity is now open.

November 2010

Crystal128-filetypes.svg21 : The Svenska Wikiversity is now open.

July 2010

Wikiversity-logo.svg9 : at Wikimania 2010 there are presentations about Wikiversity

March 2010

Wikiversity-logo.svg19 : Want to take part in developing a five-year (2010–2015) strategic plan for the Wikimedia movement? See what people have in mind for Wikiversity.

November 2009

Wikiversity-logo.svg9 : The Russian Wikiversity has been approved and is now open

April 2009

Crystal128-filetypes.svg6 : The Finnish Wikiversity is now open.

February 2009

Beta.svg3 : You may check on the States of Wikiversities. Thanks be to User:Crochet.david.

January 2009

Wikiversity-logo.svg11 : The Finnish Wikiversity has been approved!
Wikiversity-logo.svg1 : Contribute to the International Year of Astronomy!

October 2008

Wikiversity-logo.svg26 : The decision about the Closure of Beta Wikiversity was no consensus with a majority against closure

September 2008

Wikiversity-logo.svg09 : Wikimania 2009 - do you want to present your project?

August 2008

Wikiversity-logo.svg24 : Wikiversity the Movie - Coming soon to a wiki theater near you - Join the preparations
Wikiversity-logo.svg17 : Contribute to the International Year of Languages!
Wikiversity-logo.svg15 : English Wikiversity celebrates the Wikiversity Day. Take part!

May 2008

Wikiversity-logo.svg27 : It has been proposed that Beta Wikiversity be closed and our work be split across Meta Wikimedia and Incubator Wikimedia. Your opinions may decide the fate of this project.
Wikiversity-logo.svg26 : Czech, Japanese and Portuguese Wikiversity projects are open.
Wikiversity-logo.svg? : Do you want to join meeting about "Learning on Wikiversity"?
Wikiversity-logo.svg9 : Wikipedia Signpost: interview about English Wikiversity published here