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Wikiversity is a wiki; everyone can start editing right away.

Still, registering an account is very useful to the participants and to the community:

Benefits for You[edit]

  • Better privacy: If you don't register, your ip-address would be publicly logged with the contribution, as the Wikiversity licence (CC by-sa 3.0 and GFDL) requires attributions.
  • You can track your contributions easily, throught the page special:mycontributions (ip-addresses are usually not permanent and one can be shared by many people)
  • More functionalities: Only registered users can move pages and upload files. And you can set your user preferences, configure the "look" of your page, use gadgets in javascript and css (or you may write your own scripts) to aid your wiki work,
  • You have a personal homepage and talk page to help you organise your work and communicate with others

For the community[edit]

  • It helps us understand and work with you! It is very difficult to interact with ip-address accounts, especially dynamic ones.
  • Per Wikiversity licence (CC by-sa 3.0 and GFDL), contributions must be attributed to the authors. Your registering an account helps wikiversity track contributions.