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interpretation and analysis[edit]

Reading (and translating...) this text, I feel that there is a bit of confusion on the role of secondary research. First of all, this confusion may come from my ignorance of the "secondary research" concept or a lack of precision in the definition of what is an interpretation or an analysis.
In my field, we speak about "bibliographical research". This phase is the basis of all the researches. It is also used often for learning purpose at 4th or 5th year study level in university (e.g. maitrise in France, laurea in Italy and MSc in US). The most innovating product coming from this activity is perhaps an original categorisation or an original comparison (in the sense of juxtaposition). However, interpretation and analysis are definitively "original research". They are let say NPOV. andre 13:49, 12 September 2006 (UTC)