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Please add your name, university, email and your Weblog address to one of the following groups. In order to add your name click on "edit" on top of this page and write down your data. Don't forget to click on "Save page" if you have finished editing this page.

Group 1

Chiara Consonni, Tallinna Ülikool, chiara.consonni@gmail.com, http://chiaraconsonni.wordpress.com/

Toivo Tänavsuu, Tallinna Ülikool, toivo@ekspress.ee, http://toitts.wordpress.com

Ketlin Hiob, Tallinna Ülikool, ketlinh@gmail.com, http://ketlinhiob.blogspot.com

Maibritt Kuuskmäe, Tallinna Ülikool, brita@tlu.ee, http://maibrittk.blogspot.com

Alice A. Bamigbola, Tallinn University, fifemidapo@yahoo.com, http://fifeab.wordpress.com/

Our group's workspace is http://tallinnuniversityprojects.pbworks.com/

Our group's prototype is http://socialnetworkz.weebly.com

Group 2

Gert Post, Tallinna Ülikool, gert@mahemadu.ee, http://reaalsuseillusioonid.blogspot.com/

Anna Tõnnson, Tallinna Ülikool, annatonnson@hotmail.com, http://annaimkekas.blogspot.com/

Katri Lindau, Tallinna Ülikool, katril@tlu.ee, http://katriimke.blogspot.com/

Workspace: http://sites.google.com/site/elearning2010tallinn/