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Examples export[edit]

In the repository there are a number of examples, organized on laboratories. (For example there is /examples/laboratory-1/examples-04 which could be used as a starting point for the assignment in laboratory 2.)

In order to obtain the source code for the example, all you have to do is:

  • create an empty folder that should be used as root folder for the example;
  • export the example from SVN;
mkdir op-sys-examples
cd op-sys-examples
svn export svn://hephaistos.info.uvt.ro/info/2009-2010/operating-systems-1/examples/laboratory-1/example-4
    • (you use either your user name / password, or the generic guest with guest password;)

Project / assignment commit[edit]

Each student has his own folder inside the SVN repository. In this folder there is a subfolder for each project / assignment.

In order to work and submit an assignment youl have to do:

  • create an empty folder that should be used as root folder for the project;
  • checkout the folder from SVN that corresponds with your user and assignment;
mkdir op-sys-prj-1
cd op-sys-prj-1
svn checkout --username my.user.ame svn://hephaistos.info.uvt.ro/info/2009-2010/operating-systems-1/my.user.name.here/assignment-1
  • switch to the newly created folder;
  • make any modifications necessary and add the updated files;
cd assignment-1
# make modifications
  • add new files to the tracking list:
svn add this.file.c that.file.h
  • submit the changes when ready:
svn commit

Ciprian Dorin Crăciun, ccraciun@info.uvt.ro