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Hi girls here is a list of web 2.0 tools...

Blogs Scrapblog Blogger Live Spaces

Weblogs are easily updatable personal websites, often used as personal journals. The social aspect of weblogs can be seen in the ability for readers to comment on postings, to post links to other blogs and, through using pingback or trackback functions, to keep track of other blogs referencing their posts. This enables bloggers to know who is referring to and building on what they say in their blogs.

Concept MapsCMap tools Mindomo Gliffy Mindmeister FreeMind

Online office suit GoogleDocs, MS Office Live Workspace

Social bookmarking Delicious, Magnolia

Wikis Wetpaint Wikispaces PBWiki, Curriki

Wiki software allows people to easily upload content to the internet, with the important addition that it is then editable by other readers. One of the most well-known examples is Wikipedia, an online encyclopaedia. The principle behind the operation of Wikipedia is that the knowledge of the group is greater than that of an individual, and that the group who use it are also the group who create it. In this way, individuals within the group decide when new entries should be created and through collaborative editing of entries an article will emerge that satisfies the needs of the group. In the case of Wikipedia, there is a critical mass of users who subscribe to the ‘implied constitution’, who promptly clean up occasional acts of sabotage, and who are engaged enough to participate in the common endeavour. In examples of wikis with a smaller or less active user base, this may not always be the case, and wikis may be used as a kind of asynchronous social notebook for the specific needs of a small group.
Curriki is an online environment created to support the development and free distribution of world-class educational materials to anyone who needs them. Our name is a play on the combination of 'curriculum' and 'wiki' which is the technology we're using to make education universally accessible. (Lidija)

ePortfolio elgg, Mahara

Hi, Iris! Is this a list of the tools that you would like to discuss? I tend to think that we have to focus on classification of tools not just to write a list of the tools.


Sunčana‘s suggestions:

Presentation tools

a) Presentation sharing tools: SlideShare

b) Presentation making tools : Google Docs

Social networking sites Facebook, MySpace, Live Spaces, LinkedIn

Tools for making tests, quizzes and surveys (polls): Hot Potatoes, Free Online Surveys, SurveyMonkey

Personal Home Pages: Netvibes, iGoogle

Real time Communication tools

a) Video-Calls Tools: Skype, MSN

b) IM/ChatTools: Google Talk

Perhaps Elgg would be better defined as a social networking site (like Facebook)? What do you think?


Hi Sunčana! Social networking site like Facebook is popular with young people. The rational for using Facebook in education is that teachers can give students skills in how to cope with the virtual relationships and to understand what friendship means in the web 2.0 environment. Elgg is a learner-centred, learner-controlled space for lifelong learning.


Here is my few ideas (Lidija)
SOCIAL BOOKMARKING: We have our own fresh examples :-)
FILE SHARING: Photo, video, presentation sharing (Flickr, YouTube, Slideshare )
BLOGGING, Micro-blogging (Twitter )
WIKIS: Wikipedia, Google Sites
COMMUNICATING: Instant Messaging (MSN, Skype), Holding web meetings (DimDim, Live Meeting, Adobe Connect), Live broadcasting (Ustream )
SOCIAL NETWORKING: Ning, LinkedIn, Facebook, Spaces
COLLABORATING: Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google Docs, Sharing a poll - using Polldaddy , Setting up a collaborative presentation - using Voicethread
CONSOLIDATING: Keeping track of your resources - iGoogle, SuprGlu [1]


Hi girls, to me your classification is ok, Lidia and Sucana's more or less follow Jane Hart's. I can deepen Wiki and Blogging.

only a doubt about: • Tools for making tests, quizzes and surveys (polls) the focus is on COLLABORATIVE TOOLS, so maybe we can skip this cathegory?

now we can copy this cathegorization in the main page

where do we write about ourtools (those we describe)? In our personal page? __________________________________________________________________________________________

Hi, girls!

I agree with Iris that we have to focus on web applications that allow group members to co-create content. Yes, please copy your classification of tools to the main page. Please create a new page for your tool to describe how they can be used. Look at my Elgg page and please give me feedback on discussion page.


Hello Iris,

I think that feedback is important for good collaboration and is an important component of education. Tests quizes & surveys are one means of feedback. Therefore, in my opinion, these applications also can be seen as collaborative tools.


Hello my peer-girls :)

I have just read J. Hearts today‘s post:

A number of social networking tools came onto my radar screen this week, e.g. Buddypress and Jomsocial . The trouble with calling them "social networking" tools, I find, is that often managers are put off by this, thinking they are simply Facebook-in-disguise, or only offer trivial functionality. I think these tools need to be positioned as "social media applications" or engines or similar, otherwise they risk being overlooked by decision makers.

This is a good point and we should consider this in our classification. What do you think?


Dear Sunčana, I agree with you that collaborative learning means access to the resources of the internet, too. But in this case maybe we have to focus on tools to develope team working skills. I am not sure about this assignment, but the aim is to discuss about tools. Anyway, please create a new page only if you plan to discuss about this tool. Eve

Dear Eve, Iris & Lidija,

I am also not sure about this assignment, so I will copy the posting of our tutor Peter:


What's most important here is that you _discuss_ your findings and agree upon a classification structure.

Regards, Peter

So, do we have to discuss about all the tools we put in the classification, and create a new page? (I don‘t think we do.)

Greetings, Sunčana

Dear Sunčana,

In Moodle foorum discussion I sugested that each group member will find his/her favourite web application that can be used for collaborative learning purposes and write reflective annotation and other group members give feedback on discussion page.

For example I focused on Elgg tool. I am waiting for your feedback.

Iris promised to focus on Wiki and Blogging. So Sunčana and Lidija let us know your tools.


Dear all,

OK, I will describe GoogleDocs.

Best regards to all :-)


Dear Sunčana,

Why you have deleted your Google Docs description on GoogleDocs page? Eve

Dear Eve, I just relinked it to my wiki (to many pages to edit for this assignment :-) Sunčana

Dear peer-girls :-) I think we should finish this assignment so we can move on to the new module. I really have no time left for this assignment any more :-( I think we did what we had to do: we made the classification and we discussed it. Do you agree that we submit it? Greetings, Sunčana