Web 2.0 tools

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The idea of Web 2.0 is a "read-write" web; it provides all the services and applications to allow individuals to co-create content, collaborate and share it with others. According to Jane Hart the web 2.0 tools can be classified as follows: learning networks and environments, social bookmarking, communicating, social networking.

Study group members[edit]


Collaboratively find, discuss and classify web applications that can be used for collaborative learning purposes

Tools for Learning Networks and Environments[edit]

  • Elgg
  • Moodle (learning resource on English Wikiversity)

Tools for Social Bookmarking[edit]

  • Diigo
  • Magnolia

Tools for Communication[edit]

• Synchronous

  • Skype
  • Google talk

• Asynchronous

  • Gmail

• Online conference rooms

  • Live Meeting
  • Adobe Connect

Tools for collaborative file/page creation/editing[edit]

• Documents

• Presentations

  • GoogleDocs
  • SlideShare ??
  • YouTube, SoapBox, TeachersTV ??
  • Flickr

•Mind/Concept Mapping

  • Mind42
  • CmapTools

• Whiteboards

  • Twiddla