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Middle Class Yacht Club[edit]

Notes for the history-oriented yacht club that is also the 'baby navy' and 'bluejackets nautique' as an ocean educational model Facebook page: This will default to a new page probably edited by an ip address as I deprecate john bessa

Whole system model[edit]

Conceived a decade ago, an anchoring stake has been elusive. Oddly, politics seems to finally provide that because current politics are nearly-universally flawed, but they shouldn't be. I have participated in political movements that were both democratic and ultimately-effective.

Square lifeboat[edit]

Call it a good outcome from meditation, or even a personal message from God, but this is where I am, or should, be going. I started a FaceBook page based on a winning scow-type boat from the mini transatlantic race, Raison's 747 Magnum. His design was revolutionary; influence took a while, but it has taken hold. In the FB group, it is about using the design in different ways, but also about symmetry. If the boat has a blunt stern, it should (in this symmetrical theory), have a blunt bow. Likewise if the boat has a pointy bow, it should have a pointy stern, or be double-ended like a lifeboat.

Having said, that my current boat (a Mirage 24 owned by someone else), has a long pointy bow, and a decent-sized transome. It is not like most mini transatlantics, which are like pie slices, and it sails very well, and handles vicious chop like a champ.

Restart, 2019[edit]

Seven years? Seems like a minute in information terms possibly because time is retrenching backwards. Thanks to efforts such as these wikis, we can easily analyze our observations - but the wikis themselves are incapable of expressing observations, as they are not observers. The wikis don't even include observers, and the expression of perceptions of and comprehensions from observation is violently discouraged. Reason for this is pretty obvious to me: the dialectic has all the humanity that it has affected (which is now all of humanity through academia) on a single trajectory for destruction. Today, this is the peaceful mechanisms of carbon saturation and oxygen depletion largely, I believe, through "economic" growth via overpopulation. Previously, it was through the war process where academics could simultaneously devise better explosives and the medicine to fix the damage.

Today, as serious war monger such as Barak Obama can speak "adoringly" to Canadian audiences about the dangers of atmospheric warming after having obliterated two countries: Libya and Syria. Our current dialectic has made the violence of war seem beneficial (if it is "well-meaning") in comparison to the "caring" of economic growth that will cause seriously-painful changes for nearly everyone (in well-meaning ways).


What fails to move with the times is the human mind, especially the "revolutionary" mind - the minds that have dominated and monopolized change. Revolution starts with the minds that sought to eliminate the traditional dominance of monarchy at a time when monarchy was promoting democracy: Alexander of Athens. For all appearances, revolution dissipated with the decline in roman-type empire only to reappear (with the assistance of monarchy) with newly-empowered academicians who created a vast training systems that are modern universities. With the introduction of mass education was the restoration of "didactic" (lectures and test-taking) in place of the actually-newer dialectic (platonic mentoring as an extension of pedophilic relationships).

All-in-all this all seems fairly sick; it is most definitely non-average, and non-normal. It is "intellectually" elite, where normal intellect has been replaced with rawly-synthesized intelligence that negates normal, average thinking, and especially inter-relational thinking! I am fairly certain there has been normal, average philosophy especially in libraries, but those libraries were consistently burned, and not just in the West. Legalism as an early Chinese "school" elevated an army of enforcers to a philosophical level where they enabled the original Chinese empire by burying democratic philosophers alive and burning their scrolls. Fortunately, with the birth of every child, comes a new copy of the original, natural manuscript. The question is how to keep this "document" alive in every child, and how to enable it to reverse the obvious effects of the current dialectic, which is the application of the "cognitive alternatives" to assure humanity's suicidal trajectory. Why would anyone want this? There is nothing normal about dialectics, it's the alternative.

alt dot Cognition[edit]

I think an important trait of "cognitive alternatives" is that they don't actually replace the language of normal, average thinking. They maintain the labels, but replace whole meanings by draping normal language over new and old dialectical syntheses. Reversing the trend should be simple then: restore original meanings by recreating the evolution-ally-produced information structure for all humanity as it is evident in every normal (non-programmed) human as structure of self-concept. Self-concept components include self-esteem as it enables personal success, whereas the synthetic alternative is narcissism as it drives self-promotion as a means of societal control.

Restoration of Evolution[edit]

Restoring natural meanings means recovering the natural evolutionary track. As Darwin showed that natural human morality is an extension of animal affection. Morality is the basis of genuine, heart-felt religion, so it seems likely that there is something evolutional about spirituality. This is to say that capital structures, for instance, can gut religion of its evolutional thinking by maintaining a cover of ritualism, it's "social" label, as the Roman empire did with Christianity. Outcomes of an event of 300AD are currently in the media everyday as pedophilic attacks: the original alternate cognition.


What's new? In the longterm, Picasso's paintings are still new, and revolutionary. What did he do? He restored meaning by absorbing tribal art into cubism to create key parts of abstract, or modern, art. It is not modernist though; it is abstraction which challenges modernism's universally-unfeeling machine. It is the restoration of the transitional human thought structure that is traditionally named for "God" (in the West as Theo).

This is to say that the desirable structure for natural thinking is the mental structures that naturally evolved that we find in early "theoretical" thinking, which is religion. The best type of religion for finding these structures is "pre-colonial," which is to say that "untouched by the civilization process." In these you find vertical continuums that are parallel and different only in areas of application, but center around natural continuums that show relations between all life, which includes, for instance, rocks and stars. This are single structures that explain, and coordinate, the phenomena of nature, which is Science.


Unfortunately, Science equals empiricism in most minds. Empiricism extends Aristotle's syllogism, which was itself empiricist (as in empire-building), and racist (anti-Persian). It's first pedophilic victim was Alexander (Aristotle's dialectic) such that he went to do something he would regret: colonization eastward. Ultimately, he escaped the dialectic and banned Aristotle, just as his predecessors had banned the academic founder, Socrates.

Science is a single explanation of natural phenomena, as originally constructed. Phenomenology, the science of phenomena best describes Nature's happenings, but also describes its erosion, anti-evolutionary development (where Marx extends Adam Smith). Why, I am not sure, but it describes both the natural evolutional continuum and it's reverse, developmental syntheses.

The trait of academic fracture (aka disciplines) is hypocrisy. A single academically-certified scientist can promote species survival, and work to its extinction simultaneously. Here in Canada, well-published optimism about the survival of the Right Whale has been followed by its well predicted extinction, by the same Boston Aquarium scientist.

This is an extreme because it shows conflict within the same area through alternate cognitions. So let's just compare, say, fracking scientists (who actually used nuclear weapons to force methane release) with the scientists who are easily predicting earthquakes from the seismic destruction. They should be shooting at each other, but instead they exhibit mutually-respective behaviors. This is not natural, but it promotes success of academic individuals in a way that assures survival and growth for the entirety of the academic cohort as an information monopoly. It has no competition except the competition it has created for itself such commercial marketing, or, more to the point, the alternative thinking of, say, LSD users.

Data collection[edit]

Presenting currently-collected evidence is problematic. Phones, for instance, enable data collection as overly-driven narcissistic controllers tend to "spill the beans" especially when challenged, but revealing evidence of their maladaptions are almost always followed by questions such as "who?" My experience is that revelations almost always come back to you, such as to say "no good deed goes unpunished!"

GO: Group outcomes (2012)[edit]

Appropriately, my most recent topic, beneficial group outcomes (7-012), has been the effect of conflict in group outcomes for a former mental patient rehabilitation "house" or "club." The wiki is called "GO: Group outcomes" and I will ultimately present it as a group organization "how to" on Wikibooks. As a "sparse wiki" that applies amazingly to all types of groups (especially production groups), it can be "colored" in anyway a reader wishes, and possibly "purposed" for gains, even finances, though it is meant to be purposeless (or app-less), and thus universally applicable (like program modules/code libraries) User:John_Bessa/GO:_group_outcomes.

The next step in this evolution will be to fold-in material that is closer to my personal worldview (especially in terms of recovery): self-concept (such as self-esteem and -efficacy), and the parallel group object, which is group concept.

Note: this document is also available for printing (and corporate distribution) in ms word doc format: GO_Group_outcomes.docx

Dialectical writing[edit]

My 2nd recent writing (4-012) has been a critical inquiry of the Occupy phenomena in real time. The material is composed on FaceBook and is shared with "Occupiers" as it is written for critical response. It is written from the perspective that the very problems that the Occupy movement is attempting to change exist with in the Occupy movement, leaderless as it supposedly is. With FB provided time and material, this "copy of the problem" presented itself as a process (rather than a goal as Occupy is self-described as "rudderless"). I am presenting my dialect writing here, as I hope it can illuminate this, the most important influence on Western (if not all) Civilization in the context of the breadth of its influence: User:John Bessa/Dialectic.

This document is also presented with the supporting matieral in a blog format here.

Author's note[edit]

I am presently "hanging" here because of conflict in the Wikiversity. I will write about it sometime, and what I learned (and why my family forced me to back off) may be a shocker, but it will have to wait. Interestingly, what we tentitively described in terms of farily paranoid and extreme narcissistic egotism is actually easily explained in terms of the Dialectic (below), and even further explained by my CBT (or metacognitive) master's course (last one).


I may write about metacognition as well, paralleling the dialectic material below, because it is in control through endless interjected cognitions (Carl Rogers) especially the one were endless questionable causal relationships add up to a single super, or meta, cognition. Also especially interesting is how metacognition is used as a straight word-replacement for executive function and working memory. (In that way, metacognition will show up on an fMRI where the pre-frontal cortex used to be.) Also important is the metacognitive adaptation to mental trauma, which, in short, is "hurt people hurt." This follows the absorbtion of Rogers' therapeutic relationship as the "alliance" and (everyone's) empathy, which, of course, the metacognitiveists don't have--otherwise they would be humanistic. We need to look at the metacognitivist absorption of Rogers' humanism as a red herring to disguise recent bonding with old-school psychoanalysis (re-parenting as transference) for access to (the ultimately-cognitive) rational reduction--the historical dialectic. Every normal person in their hearts knows that this hair-brained headache is to be avoided (albeit a fatal mistake), but this is not about the normal; metacogntion, by its definition, is synthetic: the unnatural, the abnormal, a genetic fork. the Information Society[edit]

The metacognitive is showing up in Web 2.0 (O'Reilly Nutshell Books) where behaviorism used to be in common advertising; perhaps the metacogntivie parallels metaphysics (where meta means super and physics applies to natural topics such as in medicine and physics--thus the supernatural), or, alternatively, it can come from Beck's meta-study aggregation concept (which is the reduction of masses of data to support a single conclusion). Combining these, metacognition in advertising would be the "guided" rationally-reduction of masses of introjection (already in the human brain) towards a single purchase.