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Magyar: Ez oldal a hírsáv archívumát tartalmazza.
English: This page contains the archive of the Announcements.

Csak magyarul elérhető hírek[edit]

Csak angolul közölt hírek[edit]

March 2010[edit]

Wikiversity-logo.svg19 : Want to take part in developing a five-year (2010–2015) strategic plan for the Wikimedia movement? See what people have in mind for Wikiversity.

November 2009[edit]

Wikiversity-logo.svg9 : The Russian Wikiversity has been approved and is now open

April 2009[edit]

Crystal128-filetypes.svg6 : The Finnish Wikiversity is now open.

February 2009[edit]

Beta.svg3 : You may check on the States of Wikiversities. Thanks be to User:Crochet.david.

January 2009[edit]

Wikiversity-logo.svg11 : The Finnish Wikiversity has been approved!
Wikiversity-logo.svg1 : Contribute to the International Year of Astronomy!

October 2008[edit]

Wikiversity-logo.svg26 : The decision about the Closure of Beta Wikiversity was no consensus with a majority against closure

September 2008[edit]

Wikiversity-logo.svg09 : Wikimania 2009 - do you want to present your project?

August 2008[edit]

Wikiversity-logo.svg24 : Wikiversity the Movie - Coming soon to a wiki theater near you - Join the preparations
Wikiversity-logo.svg17 : Contribute to the International Year of Languages!
Wikiversity-logo.svg15 : English Wikiversity celebrates the Wikiversity Day. Take part!

May 2008[edit]

Wikiversity-logo.svg27 : It has been proposed that Beta Wikiversity be closed and our work be split across Meta Wikimedia and Incubator Wikimedia. Your opinions may decide the fate of this project.
Wikiversity-logo.svg26 : Czech, Japanese and Portuguese Wikiversity projects are open.
Wikiversity-logo.svg? : Do you want to join meeting about "Learning on Wikiversity"?
Wikiversity-logo.svg9 : Wikipedia Signpost: interview about English Wikiversity published here