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Collaboration between students and teachers.

Benvenuto su Wikiversità

Universitas magistrorum et scholarium—a community of teaching and learning—is the basic definition of a university in Latin. Wikiversity is the viciversitas magistrorum et scholarium—a wiki-based community of teaching and learning.

Wikiversity is not a degree-granting institution. It does not have professors or staff or registered students. There are just people here

teaching - learning - discussing - creating - thinking in many different subjects.

Wikiversity is a communal effort to learn and facilitate others' learning. You can use Wikiversity to find information or ask questions about a subject you need to find out more about. You can also use it to share your knowledge about a subject, and to build learning materials around that knowledge. See below for ideas on how you can help out yourself, or to help us help you.

Some open tasks

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