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From "A propos de la wikiversité francophone"[edit]

Machine translation to English:
"For the French-speaking wikiversity, we developpons in priority creations of course and of supports teaching such as one can find in a course of teaching. This rests on a presentation and a hierarchy of the navigation of the person wanting to learn some thing. Indeed, as of the banner page, one presents faculties, i.e. of the fields of knowledge. In these faculties, one finds department there, i.e. a under-field a little more specialized. A department which can without problem come from 2 different faculties (example the department biochemistry is related on the faculty of chemistry and the faculty of biology). When one returns in a department, one has access to the various lessons, and are accessible by 2 entries: Set of themes or according to levels' of difficulty. Indeed a course must adapt to the level of knowledge of that which wants to learn. For that one approaches what is done in the schools: level 1 is the first class of training, the level 13, that which prepares the French baccalaureat, up to the level 18 which is the first years of Master such as it east defines at the European level. As that a person who does not have knowledge in a field will have to start on a level 1. As soon as one returns in lessons, one finds oneself with a page of presentation of the lesson, with an introductory text, a list of pre-necessary necessary to include/understand the lesson, and a list of people referents, i.e. the person who would be likely to help the others. 0 line, the list of the chapter of the lessons. In these chapter, a navigator allows to sail of a chapter with another, moreover of the exercise are proposed (either in autocorrection with the answers hidden with the assistance of limps unrolling, or then with the assistance of the Quiz extension of mediawiki). If a person with need for assistance, 3 solutions (the room coffee, pages of discussion the IRC). Little advised, the room coffee is rather the place of discussion of the wikiversity project. The pages of discussion is the place more adapted, indeed, a person raises a question, a contributor answers and at the same time modifies the chapter it to prevent that somebody of other returns to put the same question, the goal of this system being to improve the chapter. The last, the IRC which enables him to connect direct, by a discussion in real time, the people. To support navigation, one finds in the lessons and the chapters: the logo of faculty and the couple of colors associated with each faculties. This makes it possible in a fast glance to know where one is. In the same way as regards the categories: they take again the provision hierarchical of the documents, to avoid of them to the maximum on-categorizations (a chapter is to classify according to lessons' to which it belongs and on the level of difficulty that it asks. In finality, there will be only category by pages of a lesson. It is the same for the pages for exercises. Of course, at the time of the installation of a stringcourse (outline, suspicion of copyvio) that Ci is found categorized, but in the category of my maintenance of the wikiversity In parallel is the projects which are with provisions for the contributors that rather the readers. indeed the project are there to indicate the courses to be improved, create, with wikifier, to translate, etc. Each faculty with its project. The graphic creation project enables him to create images for the wikiversity French-speaking people, deposited on Commons. Veiled quickly how arises the French-speaking wikiversity, and thanks to this system there, one clearly put oneself on an idea distinct from wikibooks"