Security and Privacy in a Networked World

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General information[edit]

NOTE: Everyone is free to enroll and participate, but official credits are only available via TUT (in the vein of MOOCs). Contact the supervisor during the course for more information.



Course information[edit]

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Outline by weeks[edit]


Note: The dates are from the last run and will change next time.

Week 1 (Feb 2-7)[edit]

Week 2 (Feb 8-14)[edit]

Week 3 (Feb 15-21)[edit]

Week 4 (Feb 22-28)[edit]


Week 5 (Feb 29 - Mar 6)[edit]

Week 6 (Mar 7-13)[edit]

Week 7 (Mar 14-20)[edit]

Week 8 (Mar 21-27)[edit]

The Big Bad World[edit]

Week 9 (Mar 28 - Apr 3)[edit]

Week 10 (Apr 4-10)[edit]

Week 11 (Apr 11-17)[edit]

Week 12 (Apr 18-24)[edit]


Week 13 (Apr 25 - May 1)[edit]

Week 14 (May 2-8)[edit]

Week 15 (May 9-15)[edit]

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