Social, Professional and Ethical Aspects of IT

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In Short[edit]

  • THE COURSE HAS MOVED - the new location is at the IT College wiki at Tallinn University of Technology. The content from the last run (Spring 2020) will stay here for archival purposes, but no further changes/edits will be made here - the future course runs will be held at the address above.
  • The course is an English-language counterpart to the Estonian-language original that has been running on Wikiversity since 2009. Originally born of necessity during the 2020 corona virus crisis, it will likely go on in future as well.
  • In the Spring term 2020, the course will be offered to the students of Cyber Security Engineering B.Sc. programme at the IT College of Tallinn University of Technology (Tallinn, Estonia). Note that this run is shorter with only 9 weeks - the switch to the e-course had to be made mid-term after 6 weeks in a more conventional, lecture-based form. The future runs of the course will include all 15 topics.
  • The typical form is almost pure e-course with a kick-off meeting and face-to-face exam at the end (see the course guide below). In the 2020 run, conditions may dictate a distance exam as well (follow the announcementsǃ).
  • Supervisor/lecturerː Kaido Kikkas
  • Course code: ICS0006
  • Programmeː at the TTU Study Information System
  • Volume: 6 ECTS credit points

Course information[edit]

See the following:

The most important document here is the Guide - it should have everything you need to know about the course.


  • Course announcements and messages will appear here during the course.

Weekly Topics[edit]


  1. /IT, Risks and Ergonomics - March 16-23
  2. /The Quirks of Online Communication - March 23-30
  3. /A Fool Gets Beaten Even in Internet March 30 - April 6
  4. /Professionalism? - April 6-13
  5. /Censorship, Privacy and Internet - April 13-20
  6. /Hackers...? - April 20-27
  7. /The Story of Linux - April 27 - May 4
  8. /A Different Kind of IT May 4-11
  9. /IT and Ethics ̠- May 11-15

Noteː these texts contain many links to Wikipedia articles. These are not meant as sources (references are used separately) but rather as quick pointers for further reading and sources. Wikipedia articles should not be used as direct references - they are a secondary source by definition. Using them to get a quick overview and find some links about the issue is fine, but do not point to them as sources.

Frequently Asked Questions[edit]

  • Q: Where can I find the weekly blogging tasks?
  • A: At the end of each weekly text ("Study & Write")
  • Q: Where can I find the weekly points?
  • A: This is agreed upon at the kick-off meeting in every course. In the 2020 run, the originally-planned link to the points table will be used (see the original course page; the password is also the same).
  • Q: I have zero points for the Week X, but I did write something!
  • A: Any sensible on-topic post will not receive zero points - therefore, please send an e-mail to the supervisor and let him know. It is probably his mistake (unfortunately it sometimes happens during large courses and workloads) and will be fixed ASAP.

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