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Hello the world, I'm Mienyi Yi. Hoping to physical laws of infinite analysis and random distribution as the focus of cognitive world, rather than others just care about the interests of the human survival and development as the core concept of knowledge era. I was born on October 27, 1984 in China. And always thinking about what kind progress of science and technology can truly change the pattern of human activities. To avoid unnecessary failure process is the most realistic human wisdom in the development of science and technology.

Freedom in my Dream[edit]

To weave a dream, making up a perfect utopia, not a shadowland. Freedom in my dream named "The Natural Republic of Astro-dust" is a good place to live in and realized the meaning of life itself.

If natural ecological environment was maintained in good condition, doctors should feel able gradually to update human life cycle and keep healthy in the lifepan. Correctly know the independent consciousness and thing-in-itself, let we have some opportunities to rebirth.

Original Research[edit]

A numeripoint, this definition makes numbers and points together to be a new organic unity. A closed numeripointic wave is the first physical topology change event of mathematical numeripoints. It can be used to describe the corresponding relationship between cognition and substance. These numeripoint mappings form multiple axiom systems in the physical world of hierarchical refined structure.

Any general case, the known sentient autonomous agent could interpret physical laws only by cognition system.

It appeared that in-depth thinking with our current rational judgment made all human behaviors become orderly, but didn't help us to update knowledge, we need to find another way in.

A historical event is made up of human behaviors and activities, some are about sociology, anther are about quadrilogy of Nature evolution and technology of social evolution.