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Hello :-) Cormaggio 19:16, 24 August 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]


Dear Cormaggio,

  • We have a fellow user:hardys who is planning develop materials on wikipedia:en:Mahjong techniques in Lesson:麻將‎, in parallel to content development in zh-yue.wikipedia.
  • The effects of the block is clear. Active Chinese wikimedians, most of which work on the Zh.wikipedia, number in the hundreds. Most like the idea of wikiversity, but they would rather first bring the zh.wikipedia to industrial standards. I would like to think that the existence of zh.wikiversity should be beneficial to the development of zh.wikipedia, but it is not yet clear. And I do not know how to convince others on this.
  • All in all most seem to be reluctant to jump to it, until they see it running.
  • The zh.wikipedia (and probably the zh.wikibook also) does lack technical people. Especially in pure science subjects. I do not know if such people would be attracted to wikiversity (especially a new one). Most Chinese readers who want technical information would prefer the English Wikipedia.
  • There is a not-quite-wiki Hundred Degree Encyclopedia in China: wikipedia:en:Baidu Baike. I don't know how they fare.
  • So far I have been trying to ask people to come and work on something. But it is much easier, and requires less committment, to write a finite piece of article than to come up with, or to pick up, a new study topic by one-self. I don't know if I have found anyone who has a burning desire to learn something in depth. My picture of wikiversity is a collection of unfolded international interversity seminars unfolded on a wiki. It may take some time to find out the people for it.--Hillgentleman|23:13, 25 February 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Dear Cormaggio,

  • Perhaps I was not accurate. My picture of wikiversity, as stated above, is probably just one facet of wikiversity. It is the one I am most interested. I have in mind the collaborative learning of involved and perhaps esoteric knowledge by people with varying backgrounds. New students can start learning by doing, and the experts can help. (For another example, one thing mathematicians and theoretical physicists are attempting now is: to learn from each other. Sometimes some basic notion in one discipline becomes an advanced and obscure topic in the other. There are many books and notes teaching physicists mathematics and mathematicists physics. ) Right now I am at a critical stage of my study, so I cannot contribute much. I hope to be more involved in learning projects ones I get my things done.
  • I would be glad to help as a custodian on beta.


Dear Cormaggio, I still do not know how to use X-Chat. There is no channel on my list, and /join <#wikiversity> , /join #<wikiversity>, etc did not work for me. I hope to join it next time. The Bloomclock and observational astronomy projects are still very rudimentary, and they seem to be doing fine against the proposed policies. But better documentation, with clearer goals, should be developed. (... I would like to know.)Hillgentleman| 22:48, 10 March 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]