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Surprise, surprise. The Stanford-Berkeley-Michigan-et-al initiative for online learning is based on a Wiki [1]. How about that, Erkan?

I completed the first edition of Stanford's highly successful online classes, including the AI Class. It is clear that people enjoyed the experience but they also care a lot about the "Statement of Accomplisment". An interesting question has arisen:
 Can we combine the experience of Peter Norvig, Sebastian Thrun, Andrew Ng, and others, 
 with Wikiversity community and technology,
 to develop a platform for someone with good academic standing, 
 to host a perhaps not-so-massive online course?

A few problems immediately come to mind. We may either host it outside wikiversity and switch on the video extension, which requires substantial bandwidth but it can be done. Or we can post video links to youtube. For homework submissions and exams, there are still works to be done.

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