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Important! These pages are somehow outdated and it is recommended to consult the newer version at Web technologies -- 2009-2010 -- info.uvt.ro (by Marc Frâncu).




Documentation, tutorials, articles[edit]

Discussion points[edit]

  • AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
  • it is a technique;
  • purpose: overcoming the page loading/reloading mechanism of web browsers;
  • usage:
    • validation;
    • autocompletion;
    • user interface enhancements;
    • data loading/synchronization without reloading;
  • ultimate goal: web pages as desktop applications;
  • disadvantages:
    • doesn't play nice with bookmarks, history;
    • doesn't play nice with manual URL browsing;
    • doesn't play nice with search engines;
    • in-accessibility for browsers without JavaScript;
    • in-accessibility to persons with disabilities;
  • alternatives:


Ciprian Dorin Craciun, 2007-12-12, ccraciun@info.uvt.ro