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Important! These pages are somehow outdated and it is recommended to consult the newer version at Web technologies -- 2009-2010 -- info.uvt.ro (by Marc Frâncu).





Discussion points[edit]

  • server-side dynamic content
  • servlets [1]
    • life cycle [2]
    • data sharing [3]
      • scopes

Java API[edit]

Servlet container[edit]




Discussion points[edit]

  • web application [4]
  • web / servlet container
  • war [[wikipedia:en:WAR_(file_format)]|[6]]
    • WEB-INF
    • web.xml
    • classes
    • lib




Discussion points[edit]

  • build tools
  • concepts
  • files
    • build.xml
    • build.properties


Implement a simple web application that allows the user to manipulate a simple database. (For example you could implement an email address book or a bookmark manager.)

The application should allow the user to:

  • add entries;
  • remove entries;
  • update entries;
  • search for entries;

In order to accomplish this you will have to develop some static HTML files and servlets.

The data should be kept in memory by using a collection (lists, maps, etc.) and nothing should be written to the disk.

For the assignment to be fulfilled it must be deployed on the Tomcat server available at the address http://hephaistos.info.uvt.ro:40080/ under the name <username>-assignment-05, where username is the one from the SVN repository.

The Tomcat installation folder is available at the address http://hephaistos.info.uvt.ro/web-technologies/apache-tomcat--6.0.14/ and it requires the same usernames and passwords as the ones for SVN repository.

As usually the assignments should be also committed to the Subversion repository in the folder <username>/assignment-05 in one of the repositories:

Ciprian Dorin Craciun, 2007-11-07, ccraciun@info.uvt.ro