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Important! These pages are somehow outdated and it is recommended to consult the newer version at Web technologies -- 2009-2010 -- info.uvt.ro (by Marc Frâncu).





Discussion points[edit]



Discussion points[edit]

  • purpose
  • cascading / inheritance
  • CSS-HTML linking
  • syntax
    • selectors
    • properties
    • values
    • comments
    • selector grouping
    • classes
      • multiple classes
      • pseudo classes
      • pseudo elements
    • IDs
  • properties
    • background
    • text
    • font
    • border
    • outlines
    • margin
    • padding
    • list
    • table
    • elements dimensions (width, height, etc.)
    • classification (display, position, visibility, etc.)
    • positioning (position: static, absolute, relative; right, left, top, bottom, etc.)


Implement an HTML portal that offers:

  • a main page describing the project and links to the other pages;
  • a site map;
  • three pages, each having a form, acting as a web interface for the web service http://www.random.org/:
    • integer generation form;
    • sequence generation form;
    • string generation form;
  • a form to act as an interface for http://www.google.com/advanced_search;
    • it should contain at least 8 inputs, for the other provide default values by using hidden inputs;

You should use:

  • text fields for number and text inputs;
  • radio buttons or drop down lists for enumerated or finite options;
  • check boxes for on / off options;

In each page include the link: http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=referer. It will help validate the page.

A page is considered valid if:

  • is validated by the W3C validator;
  • gives the right parameters to the services.

The assignments MUST be commited using SVN in the folder <user-name>/assignment-02 in one of the repositories:

User names and passwords can be obtained directly from me or by email. Please note that the user names and passwords are not the ones used to login to the faculties computers.

You can send me emails to ask me for more information or solutions to encountered problems. But -- I repeat -- only the assignments commited to the repository will be taken into consideration.

(For details on installing and using SVN -- Subversion -- please consult the links on the main laboratory notes page. You could use Eclipse and Subclipse plugin, to create a simple project for the assignment and to commit it.)

PLEASE STICK TO THE RULES STATED ABOVE -- both assignment naming and submission.

Ciprian Dorin Craciun, 2007-10-17, ccraciun@info.uvt.ro