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Important! These pages are somehow outdated and it is recommended to consult the newer version at Web technologies -- 2009-2010 -- info.uvt.ro (by Marc Frâncu).


JSF -- JavaServer Faces[edit]


Documentation, tutorials, articles[edit]

Discussion points[edit]

  • JSF is a standard that defines:
    • an API for components, events, validation, navigation, etc.;
    • a set of UI components;
    • a set of JSP tag libraries;
    • an unified expression language;
  • it is a web application framework;
  • it is used to build RIAs (Rich Internet Applications)
  • it focuses on web-based user interfaces;
  • it uses a component based approach;
  • most implementations are based on AJAX;
  • uses the JavaBean technology;
  • has support for validators;
  • the JSF lifecycle [1];

Ciprian Dorin Craciun, 2007-12-06, ccraciun@info.uvt.ro