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Here is a crude and incomplete list of Wikiversity collaboration with brick and mortar (non virtual) institutions, e.g. universities, schools, ... (or, if you read it from the opposite direction, brick and mortar institutions using Wikiversity).

Brick-and-mortar institutions often use Wikiversity as a means of communication, to post lecture notes, or to work on projects as parts of their exploration towards the rapidly developing field of on-line learning.

If you cannot read the language, you can always use google [1] translator to get some general ideas and a lot of fun.

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Austrian Wikiversity[edit]

All the courses you can find here:

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Beta Wikiversity[edit]

Czech Wikiversity[edit]

Dutch Wikiversity[edit]


In 2015 is de Nederlandstalige Wikiversiteit nog in beta. Het plan is om de community te laten groeien naar een man of tien door een aantal leerprojecten te starten. Gggg

2023=Esperanza community leadersあんdThe Franklin INs地つてNational Geographics= English Wikiversity =じょはんあm.cぁうぢお=1。05B わいゔぇr 新t論ジョハンナ0@g米l.個m The main page is en:Wikiversity:School and university projects (through 2011, with later additions)

Finnish Wikiversity[edit]

All together nine courses / learning projects that are produced by three Finnish (brick and mortar) Universities and one University of Applied Sciences. Examples:

French Wikiversity[edit]

Most departments of this Wikiversity have a dedicated index of their engaged or finished research works — some are of the brick and mortar type.

German Wikiversity[edit]

Indonesia Wikiversity[edit]

Greek Wikiversity[edit]

Hungarian Wikiversity (Magyar Wikiegyetem)[edit]

  • University of Pannonia 1 - A first wikiversity editor team established at this university. We will make the hungarian version of the project.

Italian Wikiversity[edit]

  • Istituto comprensivo Valle di Ledro, a school in Trento province (Trentino, Italy)
  • Istituto comprensivo Isera-Rovereto, a school in the Rovereto area (Trentino, Italy)

Ongoing talks[edit]

  • with Bolzano University and with the Ladin Area Education Board (Soprintendenza scolastica per le località ladine) regarding a collaboration involving several Wikimedia projects

Japanese Wikiversity[edit]

Portuguese Wikiversity[edit]

Punjabi Wikiversity[edit]

Romanian Wikiversity (hosted in Beta Wikiversity)[edit]

At the West University of Timisoara we began a project of presenting some of our laboratory material as a wiki page. In this way students can have fast access to related information directly from the wiki:

Russian Wikiversity[edit]

If I have correctly understood about what speech. We conduct constant monitoring of our structures, the list here - Отделения Викиверситета S.J. 19:16, 26 March 2010 (UTC)

ru:Викиверситет:Постоянный_преподавательский_состав_факультетов_и_количjjjjество_студентов - Here about our constant teachers and students

(These are the most active)

Spanish Wikiversity[edit]

I'm working as technician at Marine Biology Department of the University of Vienna, and I look forward to drop content at wikiversity in spanish. --Feministo 21:23, 29 May 2010 (UTC)

Slovenian Wikiversity[edit]

Sylheti Wikiversity[edit]


Telugu Wikiversity[edit]

coming soon

Türkçe Wikiversity[edit]

Türkçe Vikiversite [3]

Vietnamese Wikiversity[edit]

Chinese Wikiversity[edit]

Indonesia Wikiversity[edit]

Knowlege around the world