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Wednesday, May 31 2023

Welcome to Wikiversity Beta

विकिविद्यालय क्या है?

विकिविद्यालयविकिमीडिया फाउंडेशन की एक परियोजना है। यह मुफ्त सीखने की सामग्री के निर्माण और उपयोग की गतिविधियों के लिए एक केंद्र है। We host free education resources and scholarly projects. We also aim at interacting with other wikimedia projects and support their content developments. So far, English, German, Spanish, French,Hindi, Italian, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Czech, Finnish and Russian have developed into separate projects. See also: States of Wikiversities.

What is Wikiversity beta?

Wikiversity Beta is a multilingual hub for the coordination of Wikiversity projects in different languages, to further our mission as in the Wikiversity project proposal. This website hosts discussions about Wikiversity policy for original research.

Wikiversity beta also serves as an incubator for Wikiversities in languages that have not yet got their own sites.

To have a new Wikiversity site, you need three active participants for the project. Then you can request (at meta) for a new language domain to be set up. Meanwhile, please add your project's main page to Template:Main page.

See also: Frequently Asked Questions.

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